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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Questions

What does my Sunset Saddle Club membership include?

Being a member of Sunset Saddle Club (SSC) includes several benefits:

  • As a club member you get to participate in our member only shows, also called closed shows. We offer at least 5 closed shows each year.

  • SSC members can ride in the show arena at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds anytime there isn't another event going on at the fairgrounds.

  • Being a member of SSC also enrolls you as a member of both SEMSCA and WSCA.

  • Our arena at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds is one of the best in southern Minnesota. Many outside organizations hold events at our arena throughout the season. By being a SSC member, you will be the first to know about upcoming events that may interest you.

  • You will meet other great horse people to share experiences with. Members often get together for parades, trail rides and other educational events.

Where does Sunset Saddle Club have their shows?

Sunset Saddle Club has worked hard to have one of the best arenas in southern Minnesota! Our arena is located at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds in Albert Lea, MN with easy access from I-35 and I-90.

How much is the membership fee?

Our goal at SSC is to be an affordable family activity so our membership fees reflect that. The first member is $15; the second member of the same family is an additional $10; all additional members from the same family are only $2 each. For example, if you have mom and 3 kids becoming members, the total fee would be just $29 for the year. Members must reside in the same household. Anyone 18 and older must have their own membership.

Is there a trial period before I have to commit to membership?

Yes! If you're thinking about becoming a SSC member but want to see what it's all about first, join us at any closed show and give it a whirl! Come on out to a show, meet some people, ride in some events and have some FUN! There is no fee and no commitment to come participate in your first show. Spectators are always welcome for free!

What is the difference between a Closed Show and an Open Show?

Great question! Closed shows are held at our arena at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds and are for SSC members only. Spectators are always welcome but only members can participate in the events.

Open shows in our area are produced by the Southeast MN Saddle Club Association (SEMSCA). Anyone can participate in open shows and club membership is not required. SEMSCA shows are hosted by different local clubs all throughout southeast MN. SSC hosts 2 SEMSCA open shows and the SEMSCA Benefit show at our arena each year. 

What is SEMSCA?

SEMSCA stands for South East Minnesota Saddle Club Association. SEMSCA is our regional division of the Western Saddle Clubs Association (WSCA) and all local clubs are members of SEMSCA. Each local saddle club hosts at least one SEMSCA open show throughout the year. Participating in SEMSCA open shows allows you to earn points towards year-end awards.

What is WSCA?

WSCA is the acronym for Western Saddle Clubs Association, Inc. The WSCA is the governing body of all regional saddle clubs, like SEMSCA, in the Midwest. By being a member in Sunset Saddle Club, you are also automatically a member of both SEMSCA and WSCA. WSCA is the organization that produces the Championship Horse Show (Champ Show) each year. They also run the 5 Star Futurity Championship Show and the MN State Fair Horse Show. WSCA provides the rules that the regional saddle clubs use to run their shows. Winning first or second place in your class at a WSCA governed show qualifies you to participate in that class at the WSCA Championship Horse Show.

What is this 'Champ Show' everyone is talking about?

Champ Show is the common term for the WSCA Championship Horse Show. For those who participate in the SEMSCA shows competitively, their goal is likely to qualify to compete at Champ Show.

  • Champ Show is held at the end of the season, usually in late September, in the Coliseum at the MN State Fairgrounds.

  • To qualify to compete at Champ Show, you must place either first or second in your class at a WSCA governed show. Most SEMSCA shows follow WSCA rules and are therefore qualifying events. There are also WSCA governed shows outside of SEMSCA.

  • You must have an account at to be eligible to participate in Champ Show. It is recommended you set up this account at the beginning of each season. SEMSCA show qualifications do not count towards Champ Show if you're account isn't set up at the time of the SEMSCA show.

  • There is a timeframe in which to qualify for Champ Show each year. It is generally mid-August of the previous year through mid-August of the current year.

  • Champ Show specifics can be found at

Do you allow the use of the Sunset Saddle Club arena by outside organizations?

Yes! Please contact Heidi Morgan at 507-440-9619 for details.

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